Why we choose polycarbonate material for outdoor products, not PMMA?
Why we choose polycarbonate material for outdoor products, not PMMA? 

Many customers have a question, what is the difference between polycarbonate & PMMA?

Let us introduce to you the differences in briefly:


1, Heat Resistance, Low Temperature Resistance, Weather Resistance


PMMA is easy to soften when it reaches 70°C, and PC is 120°C. PC will be more resistant to high temperatures, and it's operating range of temperature is -40 to 240°C, so PC operating temperature is more widely in used.


2, Impact Resistance


Compared with same thickness, the impact strength of PC is 30-50 times more than PMMA, 6mm thickness PC sheets can be used as bulletproof material, 3mm thickness PC sheet cannot be broken by an adult by hammering.


3, Flame Resistant, Fire Resistant


The PC is a flame-retardant material, belonging to Class B flame retardant (UL94-V2 grade internationally), one of self-extinguishing plastic, not easy to burn, and PMMA is not flame retardant.



4, Environment Friendly


PC belongs to environmentally friendly plastic, and some physical properties of PMMA cannot be friendly to environmentally.


5, Outdoor Yellowing


PMMA's outdoor product: 2-3 years will begin to yellow, brittle crack.

PC outdoor product: 5 years will begin to yellow. PC product based on normal use and maintenance, it's available for 10 years. Anti-UV.


So, polycarbonate is a kind of good choice of material for outdoor use.

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